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Anyone still remember M-ist? 
It’s a trio boyband that I posted about it before if you forget about then read back this post.  

I was bored so I started searching random things on youtube again and I found out that they have a new song called “Forever the Moment~永遠の一瞬~”. Although it’s only 1:30mins so far but this song sounded much better than their first song.

Once again, they look like mini w-inds. the part where they dance on the grass is so much like Hanamuke, also their dressing as well! The left is like Ryuichi with the white hat (I remember Ryuichi wore a hat like that before), then the middle is obvious like Keita tall and skinny with the boots, then the right one is Ryohei with the hip hop look.

They are really cute! I hope I could find the full version of it.


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Randomly found this trio band called M-ist while on youtube. I don’t know I always get interested in little cute boys in band, such as before where I got so into DASH!! and this street dance group PrizmaX.

So this group is made up of 3 little boys which are: 武田聖夜 (13), 島田翼 (12) and 田中理来 (11). I remember 島田翼 is part of the street dance group called Prizmax+jr and I used to watch their street performances through a website. The other two 武田聖夜 & 田中理来 is under vision factory (same company as w-inds.) but not sure if they still are. They are also in a TV show called “天才てれびくんMAX” it’s hosted by kids and in their show I think they talk about kiddy things.


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