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They really are the NU ABO

As I mention before NU ABO means New Blood, meaning they are bring a new blood stream to the Kpop and they really did! From fashion to music it was shown that they are different from the girl bands these days, unlike the cute and sexy look they are fierce and has this badass look.

I just love this song more and more after seeing the MV and live performance.



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After gaining back a little bit of w-inds. fandom from last night I have been crazily searching for their Asia Song Festival live because they sang Can’t Get Back, which is the 2nd song for their upcoming new single.

It did took me a great amount of time to finally find the download link for Can’t Get Back live at Asia Song Festival. I guess that did show about the popularity and fandom they have now.

I’m not sure how to explain this type of genre of music but I quite like the song. I think it has a nice beat and it’s pretty easy to get in the head. I like the start of the song more it just has a better feel to it. It’s been awhile since I see a performance from w-inds. because before they were busy with the summer tour and they hardly perform now. They still stuck to the suit clothing style and Keita still has the hat style but I’m glad he didn’t have those short pants. The dance wasn’t that special but I don’t see much of the dance anyway because the cameraman focus on Keita all the way and Keita doesn’t dance. Not that I mind because Keita is my favorite but some fans would complain.

Overall I love this performance a lot and was happy to hear the fans screaming as they are performing in Korea not Japan.

I’m now a little excited about Can’t Get Back PV, hope it’s something surprising or new style.

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SHINee first TV performance for SHINee World and You’re Like Oxygen. The performance was awesome and I’ve been waiting to see their live performance for You’re Like Oxygen. This time their costume aren’t like before so colorful, from the costume they wore they sure have mature a lot. But the big white shoe is still one of SHINee’s fashion.


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