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I find it very funny how 3 years ago when U-KISS just debuted I wasn’t one bit interested in the group. There’s two reasons behind it, 3 years ago I wasn’t into Kpop I was more into Jpop and I didn’t like the cute boyband style. That same goes for DBSK and Super Junior, all those boybands which started with the cute image wasn’t my taste back then.

Ever since “Man Man Hai Ni” was out I had my eyes on them once again. I just liked their song not really the group itself since I knew nothing about them. I don’t know what gotten me one day that I began watching Vampire Kiss. The very first U-KISS variety show I watched, during that time I was still learning the names of the members. I came to like U-KISS a lot after watching that show simply because of their fun and playful personality. Dongho was my main focus at the start of the show but it ended up being Kevin. Then in Chef Kiss I completely fell in love with Kevin and the group U-KISS.



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[TV Show] U-Kiss Vampire

I’m not really a big fan of U-Kiss but I’m liking what they have released so far from “Man Man Ha Ni” to “Round & Round”. Just recently I’ve been watching their new variety show “U-Kiss Vampire”. Simply just random stuff about these guys and letting fans know them more. The show is base on blood type and analysing their personalities by blood type. Although blood type might be one to distinguish one’s personality but I don’t think it’s everything.

This was a good variety show to get to know the boys better and especially for me who don’t watch videos of them on other variety shows. To me the type O guys seem really fun which are Kevin, Alexander, Eli and Kibum. While type B Dongho is the care-free type and type A is the perfectionist type.


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[MV] U-KISS – Round & Round

I’ve been loving U-KISS after their comeback of “Man Man Ha Ni”, their look for “Round & Round” is epic! Especially love DongHo’s looks and Kevin’s hair style… I like his hair in “Man Man Ha Ni”.

The song itself is alright to me, I didn’t find it particular addictive the first time I listen to it which I had for “Man Man Ha Ni”. But maybe it’s get in me once I started watching more of their lives, well at least I’m sure the “round and round” part will get stuck in my head.

While watching the live performance I find the coordination is very similar to “Man Man Ha Ni’ and also who gets to sing more. Just like the “round and round” part is very similar to “man man ha ni” part.

As for the dance, didn’t really see it clearly in the MV but I’m sure I will get to see it clearly during the lives. But the round and round part of the move is pretty cool (just like how I like the man man ha ni part of the dance).

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[MV] U-KISS – Man Man Ha Ni

U-KISS is back! I never really liked these guys but their new song “Man man ha ni” is so addictive! I saw some of  these guys change from Xing to U-KISS and now with new members. So they are now added to the male boyband battle along with rookie groups Beast, MBLAQ and comeback of SHINee and SS501.

I love their new concept and image, reminds me of Super Junior’s Don’t Don and DBSK’s O. My favorite part of the song is the autotune part of “Man Man Ha Ni” and the move is slick. The guy in the middle front, I think his name is DongHo, he does that move with attitude, I like it. It’s good that they drop the cute look because they won’t stand a chance amongst all the other boybands. I think U-KISS will gain back popularity with this song and it’s pretty cool.

Just want to mention something, what’s with guys with black eyeliner these days? It seem like all the guys are putting on heavy black eyeliner (except for SHINee) but it’s cool and I like it.

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