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[MV] U-KISS – Round & Round

I’ve been loving U-KISS after their comeback of “Man Man Ha Ni”, their look for “Round & Round” is epic! Especially love DongHo’s looks and Kevin’s hair style… I like his hair in “Man Man Ha Ni”.

The song itself is alright to me, I didn’t find it particular addictive the first time I listen to it which I had for “Man Man Ha Ni”. But maybe it’s get in me once I started watching more of their lives, well at least I’m sure the “round and round” part will get stuck in my head.

While watching the live performance I find the coordination is very similar to “Man Man Ha Ni’ and also who gets to sing more. Just like the “round and round” part is very similar to “man man ha ni” part.

As for the dance, didn’t really see it clearly in the MV but I’m sure I will get to see it clearly during the lives. But the round and round part of the move is pretty cool (just like how I like the man man ha ni part of the dance).


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