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I think I haven’t been this excited about w-inds.’s new single for a long time, it has been decided that w-inds. next single will be released on 13th May, a double-a side “Rain is fallin’ / HYBRID DREAM”.

It is also confirmed that G-Dragon from Big Bang is rapping a part in “Rain is fallin'” and GD will be a cameo in the PV as well. This is exciting to see 2 groups I love collaborating together in a song. I’ve always knew that Keita liked Big Bang because he mention it in his blog. In Big Bang’s official ameblo blog, it seem like GD is also happy to be invited to collaborate with w-inds. This is the first collaboration that w-inds. is doing for their single and it’s a great chance to Korean fans and Japanese fans to know more about these two groups.

Limited Edition A
PCCA-02927: Rain is fallin’ / HYBRID DREAM
1. Rain is fallin’
3. Upside Down
4. Rain is fallin’ (instrumental)
DVD: Rain is fallin’ PV

Limited Edition B
PCCA-02928: HYBRID DREAM / Rain is fallin’
2. Rain is fallin’
3. You are…
4. HYBRID DREAM (instrumental)

Regular Edition C
PCCA-02929: Rain is fallin’ / HYBRID DREAM
1. Rain is fallin’
3. Upside Down
4. You are…


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Been a little busy and lazy recently that is why I haven’t been updating this blog for a long time. So the obsession of Kim Hyun Joong in “Boys Before Flower” continues, I love him even more after seeing him in “We Got Married”. Should write up a post about it later on.

Anyways, continue of the short reviews and summaries of the following episodes with a lot of Ji-hoo’s screen caps.


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Kind of missed a lot of news about Lee Jun Ki as I haven’t been checking him out after “Iljimae”. But gosh! He’s heading towards as a singer now, as before his digital single was complimented by a lot of people. But during that time he said he wants to focus only on acting. Don’t know why he’s changing his mind now and decide to become a singer but it’s great that he’s showing more of his talent.

In 2006 he held his first fanmeeting concert now during April he’s opening Episode 2 of the fanmeeting concert. I just was the preview, Jun Ki looks really hot. I love the whole mask thing and I hope I could find this online because I want to see more of his dancing.

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I guess I’m starting to move towards the kpop and leaving jpop behind. I’m not really interested in Super Junior and I don’t even know all the member’s names and what they look like, also wasn’t addicted to any of their previous songs except for “Don’t Don” as the MV looked really cool.

While browing on a Korean music blog I saw the preview of “Sorry Sorry”, there was so many comments saying how good this was. So I listen to the preview and the first thing came to my mind was “How is this song good?” The full version of the song just popup while I was browsing Youtube and so I clicked on it. After first listen to the whole song I thought “Not bad” then my hands just suddenly moves the mouse and clicked play again. After that I have been repeating that song and now it has become my most addictive song at the moment.

This song has a really catchy beat and the lyrics for the chorus part is catchy as well but on the other hand it could be annoying as well. The MV I don’t find it that interesting but the dance is pretty nice.

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