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Can’t believe I spent 3 days and I’m done with this drama. I haven’t been into a jdrama like this for awhile, I think the last one I felt like this was Galileo. Anyways, so happy and sad that I’m done with this drama because it’s another drama off my watching list.

I felt that they haven’t explain some of the parts clearly or as detail such as why Sosuke has this DV illness? Also they didn’t talk much about Takeru’s problem with his sister, he just briefly talked about it in episode 11 to Ruka and didn’t take it any deeper. I thought it would be nice to talk about it more deeply about others other than Ruka, although Ruka is the main focus of the whole story.

If you think about it Sosuke is pretty sad and lonely, look how much time he have to stalk Michiru and to even call her every 2 hours. I believe that he does love Michiru a lot but the way the use was wrong, at the end he finally realise it so he suicide. About Michiru’s feelings towards Takeru I don’t think Muchiru really likes Takeru she probably mistaken because Takeru treats her really nicely and she was feeling lonely as Ruka seem like avoiding her and she finally broke up with Sosuke.

From the whole drama my favorite character is Ruka, she’s like suffering a lot as she loves Michiru for so many years but had to stay as just friends between them. She always hide her true feelings from the others by putting a happy face so that they won’t worry about her. The last episode was kind of boring and a little bit of a drag but it was a good ending. The three of them living together again along with the new born baby.


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Last Friends

So when people just finished watching Last Friends and has done so many reviews of it I have just started watching this series. I didn’t expect this one to be that good as I was just practically looking at the ratings and during this period of time I wasn’t interested in jdrama too much so I just ignored it. But as I see the rating increasing and much more positive comments from other blogs I decide to watch this as well.


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