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It has been a long time since I’ve taken notice of them. Lollipop is now change as Lollipop F, the F stands for Four.

It’s only recently I had finally listen to their whole album. Before I only heard of 2 songs and that’s about it. As usual they have participated in composing many songs either lyric or music in this album.

In this album they have matured a lot whether its genre of music or their looks. One thing I must praise is about their very well toned body. All their arms got bigger and Wei Lian has packs now! I guess since most male idols are going for the muscline looks they can’t loose as well.

When I first heard the whole album I thought overall it’s a pretty good album. Personally I like their fast beat songs more, for one reason is that their voice still lacks some techniques when it comes to ballads but for fast beat songs you can’t really tell.

There’s a few songs that I like more:

  • Hip Hop Life (嘻哈人生) – Idk why but when I first heard this song I really like it. Idk maybe I just really like the beat of it.

Anyways, I think all of their singing have improved especially Wei Lian and their dancing is probably the best out of all Taiwanese boyband now. But I must say I miss hearing Wang Zi and Xiao Jie’s voice.


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OMFG! I’m spazzing like crazy over this MV! Ever since I hear the song, I loved it so much! Pure rock. Of course ZYJ looks really cool in this MV, I imagine this is really what her image should be like and the style she should continue. For the first time she’s dancing properly, she must have put a lot of effort in practicing the dance since she can’t dance. But I thought they could do something to her hair like style it more puff or differently. She looks really cool with the electric guitar and Ao Quan looks really handsome in this MV. The parts they jump through the paper board is just so cool. I think I will spazz more if here’s a live.

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Gotten lazy to update here. But I got to introduce this great Chinese album. This is Zhang Yun Jing, Super Idol season 1 winner, second album. This album heads towards the England rock genre, soft pop rock songs which tells stories and great to listen when you’re alone. The hit song “The Opposite Me” the music is composed by Zhang Yun Jing herself but unfortunately the lyrics has been rejected 10 times and at the end it was not used.

After her first album Unprecedented, I have truly became a fan of her and was highly anticipated of her second album. Now that it is released and I have heard of the whole album more than ten times I can say that this girl didn’t disappoint me at all.


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My favorite Taiwanese boyband has just released their 2nd album “I am Legend” today. The following are just my translation of the song titles, maybe not 100% sounds correct. I’m so glad that Ao Quan and Wang Zi sang a lot more lines in this album especially Wang Zi compare to their 1st album where it’s mostly Xiao Yu and Xiao Jie. Of course Wei Lian and A Wei takes more part in this album but still they have lesser lines compare to the other members.

In this album Lollipop sure have matured a lot from their 1st album from the style of songs but they still kept some of their cuteness/youthfulness like in the songs “Zhong Yi ka” and “Loga Loga”. I must say their ballad songs in this album are better than the fast beat songs, the only fast beat song that I really like so far is “I am Legend”. All of them have improved on their singing so much that sometimes I cannot recognise who was singing anymore except for Wang Zi.


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I think this is the first post on Chinese music on this blog, I haven’t been addicted to an Chinese album for a long time and this album is my current obsession. People who don’t know this singer gets confused, let me tell you Zhang Yun Jing is a girl. She is the winner of first season “Super Idol” a singing competition show just like “American Idol” in Taiwan. Her beautiful voice and charming stage performance has won many love from the audience and became the most popular contestant in the competition.

This is her first album after winning the competition, in this album there’s many famous artist who composed songs for her. The first time I heard “Black Dress” which is her first hit song, I immediately got addicted to the song. This song is the most difficult song out of her album as she sings it with her deepest and highest voice in this song. Her high pitch was amazing in “Black Dress” and proves that she’s not a fake winner of the competition.

Other than “Black Dress” there’s a lot more songs that I really like such as track 2 “Let you fly”, track 5 “Preference”, track 7 “Let me take care of you”, and track 10 “1030”. Of course I like the other songs as well but these are my favorite ones. “Let you fly” is also the theme song of Taiwanese idol drama “Knock Knock Love”. “1030” was written by her previous band, PenSauce, I especially love the live performance she did on “Super Idol”, full of emotion which touched me.


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