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[MV] U-KISS – Man Man Ha Ni

U-KISS is back! I never really liked these guys but their new song “Man man ha ni” is so addictive! I saw some of  these guys change from Xing to U-KISS and now with new members. So they are now added to the male boyband battle along with rookie groups Beast, MBLAQ and comeback of SHINee and SS501.

I love their new concept and image, reminds me of Super Junior’s Don’t Don and DBSK’s O. My favorite part of the song is the autotune part of “Man Man Ha Ni” and the move is slick. The guy in the middle front, I think his name is DongHo, he does that move with attitude, I like it. It’s good that they drop the cute look because they won’t stand a chance amongst all the other boybands. I think U-KISS will gain back popularity with this song and it’s pretty cool.

Just want to mention something, what’s with guys with black eyeliner these days? It seem like all the guys are putting on heavy black eyeliner (except for SHINee) but it’s cool and I like it.


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[MV] f(x) – Chu~♡

Do do it Chu~♡ At first the song is only okay to me but the same thing happened with LA chA TA happened again. As I repeated this song more I started to get addicted to it and really like it. I feel more lively when listening to this song.

The MV was awesome! It helps to make me love this song more, love the blue-black outfit the other outfit need to be pack away. Sulli is the main in the MV and as usual she is so cute!  Even with the hats she is still super cute. I love the big close up, the girls are beautiful and it’s great that Amber has cut her hair revealing her pretty face. Seriously cannot wait for their tonight’s live performance.

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I don’t watch a lot of Korean variety shows but “Strong Heart” is one that I am watching every single episodes so far. I never thought I would enjoy such a variety show where it’s only talking amongst celebrities because the lack of Korean celebrities I know. But I’m glad they have some current idols which I do know and even with those celebrities I don’t know their stories are very entertaining. As it was said in the first episode this show is Lee Seung Gi first time hosting, I thought he did a great job so far. He would often throw out something quite funny and I can see Kang Ho Dong giving him a lot chance to perform. It’s surprising that I am loving this show, it always makes me crack up laughing.


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I think I’m starting to like this drama more not because there’s Keita in it, but while stressing over uni work/exams it’s nice to watch something light hearted.

This talks about a mysterious guy secretly taking photos of the girl students and posted it up on the internet. Since nothing actually happened they can’t take this to the police so the principle decided the teachers to be responsible for touring around the school’s place. Akiyama and Shinichi were paired up they discover a suspect who is holding a very professional camera. They didn’t manage to catch that stalker as Shinichi bump into a pole and hurt himself.


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