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I know I’m slowly drifting off Jpop and my favorite band w-inds. but no matter what w-inds. is still my favorite. Feeling bad that I was late on seeing their new PVs even though I had already heard a bit of New World before.

It’s great to see w-inds. having new things. New World, is the new world they’re in full of non-Asian? As can be seen in the PV. OMG! Keita with the curly bangs, he looks like a foreigner, you know those in animes. The PV is really cool, at least I don’t think they ever had that much people featuring in their PV (probably except for Yakusoku no Kakera).  Although the whole PV is cool but it’s very typical, so I didn’t get the really excited feel. I’m glad that w-inds. are trying out new things even though they have been debuted for 9 years, their dance is so what different from their usual style which is good. Song wise I think I might get addicted to this song after a few more listen.

This is no doubt would become one of my favorite PV from w-inds. It’s a whole new style and they have never filmed a PV like this before. As w-inds. was opening their Sweet Fantasy concert at Hong Kong they filmed this during there. I so LOVE this PV! Simply because it’s fun as they are having fun filming while the Hong Kong fans are the background in some of the scenes which I find it hilarious. Glad that they didn’t just put all the behind the scene footage in one as a PV. I also love this song because it’s light-hearted and happy, it makes me feel happier after listening to it.


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