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I haven’t watching a lot of TV shows with w-inds. during this year as I find myself getting bored of watching something which I completely don’t understand.

So it was great that I came across the “uchuude ichiban aitai hito” show where Keita is the guest. After watching it I feel like I know more about the Keita now, he sure has matured a lot but still remain his cuteness.



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It sure has been awhile since I’ve heard of a new song from AAA. Just found out their new PV “Tabidachi no Uta” was released.

Different from the usual AAA, this is a ballad song and what’s more is that this is a very nice ballad song. First time listening to it I’ve already fallen in love with this song and I’m sure it’s going to be on repeat for awhile to me. It  has a really good nostalgic feel to it and it feels so comfortable listening to it.
I love the line “Forever kimi to, forever boku to, just say so” and Nissy’s opening vocal is just amazing!

So the PV doesn’t have any dancing and there’s nothing really special about it but it fits perfectly well with the song. Other than that they all look super hot and cute in this PV, I also love the natural/daily life scenes.

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I just Yamada Ryosuke more and more as I watch this drama, he’s in a reindeer costume! He’s so cute and his expression is funny.


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Arirang TV Taemin Monologue

Pretty surprise to see that the first and only post on SHINee is the most viewed post in this blog. I saw the other members monologue clips but I didn’t bother to watch because I was only interested in Taemin in the group (yeah I know I’m bias, but so what!).

Although Taemin changed a lot but he’s still cute as usual.
He was really cute in this video! Talking about dancing most of the time, he sure love it a lot and can’t help but to keep smiling while talking about it. But the result does show that he’s a great dancer and will continue to improve since he’s young. I’m jealous I should have learned dancing when I was younger.

He was really cute talking about what kind of advantages you have being the youngest and he likes all the nicknames he has such as “Baby”. I just love Taemin so much! He’s really cute ♥

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I haven’t touched this blog for some time and realise that the whole dashboard is changed. So not used to it. Anyways I have been starting to watch a few Japanese dramas from last season which I might post about it.

Mirai Seiki Shakespeare, a new drama this season starring all members from AAA. Basically they just change famous stories from Shakespeare into more modern and hip hop version. Each story would be 2 episodes long.

The first two episodes is “The Merchant of Venice” story.
I’m not a fan of Shakespeare so I haven’t read any of his stories except for Macbeth and have heard about the famous Romeo and Juliet story.


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