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I guess I’m gonna start posting some Chinese dramas that I enjoy and worth watching. Kicking it off with the Hong Kong TVB drama “A Watchdog’s Tale”.

Wrapping up this light hearted family/love drama; honestly I really enjoy it and was worth the time watching although it ended with the usual TVB problem which was ending it too quickly and roughly.

A Watchdog’s Tale revolves about things that happened in a small town. The town was peaceful until a retired dog trainer police opening his own dog field, a rich women was kidnapped and the lost of the bag of cocaine.

First of all I find this drama quite hilarious, the names of the town citizens made me laugh and the storyline is quite funny. Chueng Tin Hung who is rich but always get look down by his father kidnapped his own little sister Chueng Tin Ngaw just to get money to build his own business. But stupid as he can be he buried the money in an empty land as he don’t have time to deposit in his bank and when he came back the land was constructed into a dog field. When Chueng Tin Ngaw was released she wanted to find who the kidnapper is which happens to be his own brother. Therefore she with a little clue that it happened in that small town she started being the “undercover agent” and investigate it.



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[MV] F.Cuz – Jiggy

Here I am with more Kpop since I’m like fully addicted to Kpop than Jpop now. New boyband F.Cuz, not much of a fan nor I read a lot about them but after listening a few times of their debut song “Jiggy” I’m kind of addicted to it now. Since most of the boybands now are going into the cool, dark and mysterious theme these boys stand out to me with the colourful and happy concept which reminds me of the time when I started SHINee because of their debut song and colourfulness concept.

Personally I don’t think any of them boys are really really cute or handsome but I find LeeU quite cute and the rest are okay. Hope they’ll grow on me and it’ll be interesting to see how far they will get this year.

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