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[MV] Lee Jun Ki – J-Style

OMG! The MV for J-style has finally released, was very anticipated for Jun Ki’s actual debut as a singer. The MV was really cool, high production MV. Jun Ki’s dancing has improved so much from what I’ve seen before, hope to see him perform live soon. I wished that they put more of the red and white section than the black because the black was too dark and cannot see Jun Ki’s face properly.

I read the English translation of the song, highly sexual! Didn’t thought of Jun Ki will go into the “wild” style but he’s totally smexy! After reading the translation I get why they included the animal scene at the start, it makes all sense.


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Are you shock when seeing this photo? Because I was, I didn’t even recongise it was Lee Jun Ki. Anyways it seem like this will be his new album’s cover, the whole of this was the cross between angel and devil, with the whole makeup I can feel the concept they are trying to express.

Lee Jun Ki’s new album is what I’m looking forward to, this is not some low-budget thing and I can see that it’s gonna be a hit when the actual album comes out. Although he concept of his new album may not be loved by everyone but the great thing is that he’s building up a whole new look and not following the Korean trend. I love how he’s willing to try out new things and gives his fans surprise.


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Kind of missed a lot of news about Lee Jun Ki as I haven’t been checking him out after “Iljimae”. But gosh! He’s heading towards as a singer now, as before his digital single was complimented by a lot of people. But during that time he said he wants to focus only on acting. Don’t know why he’s changing his mind now and decide to become a singer but it’s great that he’s showing more of his talent.

In 2006 he held his first fanmeeting concert now during April he’s opening Episode 2 of the fanmeeting concert. I just was the preview, Jun Ki looks really hot. I love the whole mask thing and I hope I could find this online because I want to see more of his dancing.

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