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Horray! The boys are back with their new single “Gira Gira Romantic”. They still look hot as usual and their style has slowly matured a lot compared to their previous single. “Gira Gira Romantic” gives me a feeling of a drama theme song, a song that has a different style compared to all their previous songs. Shinya’s rapping part is my favorite out of the whole song, his rapping is really amazing!


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Thanks to thea’s blog that I know Lead’s new PV Sunnyday was released. I’ve been noticing Lead ever since they debuted and I have sorta been supporting them from the start. I love their music style especially the rapping parts sang by Shinya.

Their new PV Sunnyday has attracted my like because it’s colorful and both song and PV is full of energy, totally a pefect song for summer. Lead really fits the summer style just like Sunnyday, Sumer Madness, Baby Running Wild etc. I really love the yellow jacket that Keita wore in the PV, I just wished how the other members can wear something like that colorful such as the color jeans that Hiroki is wearing.


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