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Horray! The boys are back with their new single “Gira Gira Romantic”. They still look hot as usual and their style has slowly matured a lot compared to their previous single. “Gira Gira Romantic” gives me a feeling of a drama theme song, a song that has a different style compared to all their previous songs. Shinya’s rapping part is my favorite out of the whole song, his rapping is really amazing!


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A pretty decent song from AAA Saihuun. Just before they released this PV Avex has gotten me excited with all the guys and who Saihuun would be, as we saw a bunch of guys with hoodies in the preview all covering their faces. There were many rumors before with who the other guys are other than Nissy, Naoya and Hidaka in Saihuun. Now that I saw the PV, it’s just the guys from AAA. LOL, so does that makes Saihuun is the group name for the guys?

But anyways, the song is nice the PV is okay and the dance is awesome!

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AAA new release PV “Break Down”, was disappointed in both song wise and PV wise. Not that I had much expectation before but I really wish AAA to release the music that I used to like. So “Break Down” is kind of like a rave/tectonic song with the electric beats and stuff. Although I recently I’ve started to like listening to techno music type but this song did not catch my attention. The PV did not help me to like the song either, the movements were fast and feels like I’m getting dizzy just by watching it. The dancing wasn’t that great either since they didn’t show much dancing parts.

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Another new PV from w-inds., this PV is the B side from the same single as “Rain is fallin'”. “Hybrid Dream” is totally different from “Rain is fallin'”. Although I really love the animation in “Hybrid Dream” PV but they over did it which made me kind of dizzy while watching it. The song itself is lovely, loved Keita’s voice!

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The PV of this has finally released, I think I’m already addicted to this song. As expected w-inds. never disappoint me with their new songs. I was glad to see w-inds. trying out a different style and I do like the electric music. GD’s rapping was great but Keita’s singing was better to me.

The PV has a raving and disco feel. The bad thing was that there’s not much of clear close up of Ryuichi and Ryohei so fans of Big Bang will probably think w-inds. is only 1 person. They even wore hat and sunglasses which makes us can’t identify who is who. The last minute of the PV was very repetitive and it was a one take shot of the dance. Even though someone said that you’ll see of effects if you wear the 3D glasses but I don’t have any.

Overall I like the song but the PV is alright, I’m looking forward to a live of this and hope they won’t wear anything weird.

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Haven’t been posting for a long time because I was busy with things and most importantly I was lazy to post new things. Although I don’t it’s new but recently I just saw AAA’s new PV “Jamboree”. The song itself gets quite addicting after a few listen but what’s important is that Nissy is still cute as usual. Ever since I didn’t check him much and there wasn’t much news I missed his lovely smile.

I love the part where Shuta and Hidaka was getting the same food and the facial expression Hidaki did was so funny and cute and of course I love the Nissy and Misako parts in the PV.

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It sure has been awhile since I’ve heard of a new song from AAA. Just found out their new PV “Tabidachi no Uta” was released.

Different from the usual AAA, this is a ballad song and what’s more is that this is a very nice ballad song. First time listening to it I’ve already fallen in love with this song and I’m sure it’s going to be on repeat for awhile to me. It  has a really good nostalgic feel to it and it feels so comfortable listening to it.
I love the line “Forever kimi to, forever boku to, just say so” and Nissy’s opening vocal is just amazing!

So the PV doesn’t have any dancing and there’s nothing really special about it but it fits perfectly well with the song. Other than that they all look super hot and cute in this PV, I also love the natural/daily life scenes.

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