Everything I thought of this blog I always want to come and continue posting. Just looking all those old posts and effort I’ve spent in writing I just can’t completely abandon this blog.

So here I am again posting.

While I was enjoying myself Tumblring and totally forgot about WordPress I watch a few Japanese/Korean movies/dramas that I will post later. I’ll start posting again from Wednesday onwards when I’m on my 1 week uni break.


I find it very funny how 3 years ago when U-KISS just debuted I wasn’t one bit interested in the group. There’s two reasons behind it, 3 years ago I wasn’t into Kpop I was more into Jpop and I didn’t like the cute boyband style. That same goes for DBSK and Super Junior, all those boybands which started with the cute image wasn’t my taste back then.

Ever since “Man Man Hai Ni” was out I had my eyes on them once again. I just liked their song not really the group itself since I knew nothing about them. I don’t know what gotten me one day that I began watching Vampire Kiss. The very first U-KISS variety show I watched, during that time I was still learning the names of the members. I came to like U-KISS a lot after watching that show simply because of their fun and playful personality. Dongho was my main focus at the start of the show but it ended up being Kevin. Then in Chef Kiss I completely fell in love with Kevin and the group U-KISS.

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[manga] Hourou Musuko

I usually don’t read a lot of manga because it’s tiring to read it on computer but recently I’ve been reading Hourou Musuko. After reading the description for this anime which will be airing in year 2011, I started reading the manga.

There aren’t many manga or animes that deals with gender, the only one I’ve read which is about genders too is After School Nightmare. That one is leaning more on the dark side while Hourou Musuko is more slice of life. Like it’s something that real and happens in real life.

The manga is still ongoing and currently only translated up to chapter 90 but I’m already anticipated what might the ending be. But it’s weird since Nitori wants to be a girl but he likes girls, then what happens when he really became a girl? Turn into a lesbian. And then Takatsuki wants to be a boy but so far the manga did not pair her up with anyone but she likes Nitori before. Idk, I just find Hourou Musuko interesting since I personally dislike too dramatic things. I just thought Chiba and Takatsuki would make a good couple.

Totally can’t wait for the anime to be release.

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Just finished this 13 episodes anime.

Overall it’s a pretty funny anime where little kids deal with adult topics, like panties, boobs etc. Every is just exaggerated and unrealistic. The plot is very random and it does not have a plot at all. I watch this when I felt really bored and just want to have a laugh. My favourite character is Hitoha, I don’t know I just like her.

There’s going to be a season 2 next year so will definitely be watching it.

It has been a long time since I’ve taken notice of them. Lollipop is now change as Lollipop F, the F stands for Four.

It’s only recently I had finally listen to their whole album. Before I only heard of 2 songs and that’s about it. As usual they have participated in composing many songs either lyric or music in this album.

In this album they have matured a lot whether its genre of music or their looks. One thing I must praise is about their very well toned body. All their arms got bigger and Wei Lian has packs now! I guess since most male idols are going for the muscline looks they can’t loose as well.

When I first heard the whole album I thought overall it’s a pretty good album. Personally I like their fast beat songs more, for one reason is that their voice still lacks some techniques when it comes to ballads but for fast beat songs you can’t really tell.

There’s a few songs that I like more:

  • Hip Hop Life (嘻哈人生) – Idk why but when I first heard this song I really like it. Idk maybe I just really like the beat of it.

Anyways, I think all of their singing have improved especially Wei Lian and their dancing is probably the best out of all Taiwanese boyband now. But I must say I miss hearing Wang Zi and Xiao Jie’s voice.

Revive and Survive ♥

I guess I left this blog alone for too long and I didn’t even login all these time. I don’t think anyone comes here anymore. But since I’m on my big Christmas break I’ll be reviving this blog again so I can kill some time off.

I’ll blog random stuff of what I’ve seen or heard recently.

OMFG! I’m spazzing like crazy over this MV! Ever since I hear the song, I loved it so much! Pure rock. Of course ZYJ looks really cool in this MV, I imagine this is really what her image should be like and the style she should continue. For the first time she’s dancing properly, she must have put a lot of effort in practicing the dance since she can’t dance. But I thought they could do something to her hair like style it more puff or differently. She looks really cool with the electric guitar and Ao Quan looks really handsome in this MV. The parts they jump through the paper board is just so cool. I think I will spazz more if here’s a live.