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A pretty decent song from AAA Saihuun. Just before they released this PV Avex has gotten me excited with all the guys and who Saihuun would be, as we saw a bunch of guys with hoodies in the preview all covering their faces. There were many rumors before with who the other guys are other than Nissy, Naoya and Hidaka in Saihuun. Now that I saw the PV, it’s just the guys from AAA. LOL, so does that makes Saihuun is the group name for the guys?

But anyways, the song is nice the PV is okay and the dance is awesome!


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It’s been awhile since I posted here, seem like a detail episode summary just takes up too much time (I found out I take 1 hour to write 1 episode of those Ghost Friends summaries, probably that’s the reason why I didn’t continue with the rest of the episodes. Sorry for those who were looking forward to it!)

It’ been a long time since I have the feeling of desperately wanting to watch the next episode of an jdrama and “Buzzer Beat” is the one! To be honest I’m not a fan of Yamapi so obviously I like this drama not because of the guys but merely because of the storyline itself. The drama theme is based on basketball but so far it seem to involves in love relationships more. The love triangle between the basketball coach Kawaisaki Tomoya, Kamiya Naoki the professional basketball player who wants to get stronger and Riko who is a cheerful girl who dreams to be a professional violinist.

From episode 1 to 7 there wasn’t much basketball scene and mainly focus on the love relationships between each of the main characters. But that is what makes me like this drama, obviously I like watching the love part more than the basketball part. I love how they are slowing developing the relationship between Naoki and Riko throughout the drama starting off with Naoki who has a girlfriend and was in the stage to get married and Riko who just been going out with Kawaisaki, the basketball coach. Their relationship deepens every time they meet in the basketball court and they both encourages each other for their dreams. I do find the Naoki and Riko couple extremely cute!!!

Spoilers to episode 7 ahead…


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