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[anime] Soul Eater Ep1-3

soul eater

I haven’t really took notice of this anime when it was first aired just that afterward while visiting some anime forums seeing the responses from people it just seem to be that it’s popular.

Yesterday I’ve decided to have a go and watch this. The music and fighting scene was great but I have mixed feelings about the graphics. Some part of it were great and some part (especially the background and stuff) were okay. I can so imagine this anime being dubbed as it’s license already.



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w-inds. upcoming album “Seventh Ave” will be releasing on the 2008.07.02. The tracklist & cover has been released and I can’t wait for it to be release.

This time their cover is a little different from previous. As a w-inds. fan for many years, the position of them are always Ryohei, Keita then Ryuichi and Keita always seem to have a bigger space in the cover. But this time Ryohei takes the middle spot having a bigger space for the limited edition cover. Although my favorite member is Keita but it’s about time the other 2 members takes the middle spot, so next time I hope Ryuichi would be in the middle.

The covers this time is pretty simple (should say all w-inds. cover are pretty simple) but it gives me a natural and relax feeling.

w-inds. seventh ave cover

01. Spinning Around
(lyrics: shungo. • music, arrangement: Jean Rodriguez, Jose Cassals )

(lyrics: shungo. • music, arrangement: James Farquharson, Terence Martin, Rick Smith)

03. Hello
(lyrics: Kiyohito Komatsu • music, arrangement: Jonas Myrin, Patrik Berggren, David Astrom)

(lyrics: shungo. • music: Tetsuya Iida • arrangement: Tetsuya Iida, Koma2 Kaz)

05. New Day
(lyrics: Kiyohito Komatsu • music, arrangement: Philippe-Marc Anquetil, Dan Gautreau, Rob Davis)

06. LOVE
(lyrics, music: Tetsuya Iida • arrangement: Tetsuya Iida, Koma2 Kaz)

07. Urban Dance
(lyrics: shungo. • music, arrangement: Tobias Gad, James Curlin)

08. Rock it
(lyrics, music: Tetsuya Iida • arrangement: Tetsuya Iida, Koma2 Kaz)

09. アメあと [ame ato]
(lyrics, music: Tetsuya Iida • arrangement: Tetsuya Iida, Koma2 Kaz)

(lyrics: shungo. • music: Henrik Korpi, Jens Bergmark, Lisa Millett • arrangement: Koma2 Kaz)

11. Stay
(lyrics, music: Tetsuya Iida • arrangement: Kotaro Odaka)

12. Don’t Give Up
(lyrics: Kiyohito Komatsu • music, arrangement: Chris Ballard, Andrew Murray, Julie Morrison)

13. Hand in Hand
(lyrics: Kentaro Akutsu • music: Hiroaki Hayama • arrangement: Koma2 Kaz)

14. Beautiful Life
(lyrics: shungo. • music: Samuel Waermo, Mimmi Waermo, Pontus Soderqvist • arrangement: Koma2 Kaz)

15. Summer Days
(lyrics, music: Tetsuya Iida • arrangement: Tetsuya Iida, Koma2 Kaz)

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Yes I finally decided to write about this BL movie “Takumi-kun Series”.
The movie is a adaption of the manga called “June Pride” which out sold millions of copies. I’ve enjoyed the manga and was anticipated to see this becoming a live movie. Although from pass BL movies I’ve seen which tells me not to expect too much as most of them aren’t great.

Tomo Yanagishita starring as Takumi and Kato Keisuke starring as Gii. Not much problems with this pairing and Tomo is really cute. From some angles when he didn’t wear the school uniform it just reminds me so much of Hongo Kanata, the smile and the figure. The acting I couldn’t say much about it, it wasn’t too good or too bad as these two are just new actors and couldn’t expect much from a low production movie.


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The rating for the 2nd episode has manage to kept above 20% which is so far the highest rating drama of the season. This would be the last episode seeing Ogata’s group and Ren’s group fighting against each other. As in this episode they have finally understand the true meaning of “nakama”.


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[jdrama] rookies – ep02

With Toru and Shuta being back in the baseball team Kawato and the other 2 has more confident in getting back the whole team playing baseball as they all know baseball is their dream.

In this episode Kawato accepted the practice match from another school even if the principle was against it. Then they made a deal that if Kawato couldn’t get the whole team back into baseball within a month then he must resign. As Kawato’s personality he accepted the deal without thinking much.


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