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I find it very funny how 3 years ago when U-KISS just debuted I wasn’t one bit interested in the group. There’s two reasons behind it, 3 years ago I wasn’t into Kpop I was more into Jpop and I didn’t like the cute boyband style. That same goes for DBSK and Super Junior, all those boybands which started with the cute image wasn’t my taste back then.

Ever since “Man Man Hai Ni” was out I had my eyes on them once again. I just liked their song not really the group itself since I knew nothing about them. I don’t know what gotten me one day that I began watching Vampire Kiss. The very first U-KISS variety show I watched, during that time I was still learning the names of the members. I came to like U-KISS a lot after watching that show simply because of their fun and playful personality. Dongho was my main focus at the start of the show but it ended up being Kevin. Then in Chef Kiss I completely fell in love with Kevin and the group U-KISS.



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