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They really are the NU ABO

As I mention before NU ABO means New Blood, meaning they are bring a new blood stream to the Kpop and they really did! From fashion to music it was shown that they are different from the girl bands these days, unlike the cute and sexy look they are fierce and has this badass look.

I just love this song more and more after seeing the MV and live performance.



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These girls finally have released their first mini album, I’m sure lots of fans were anticipated about because I am! I’ve been following f(x) ever since their debut song LA chA TA and their music is really the type that I like. These girls are back with a new concept, more edgy and epic (if you have seen their comeback photos or the MV teaser you should know). Their promoting song NU ABO actually mean New Blood where ABO is all the blood type, it’s a weird name but it actually makes sense when it’s explained.

Overall I really love this mini album.


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[MV] f(x) – Chu~♡

Do do it Chu~♡ At first the song is only okay to me but the same thing happened with LA chA TA happened again. As I repeated this song more I started to get addicted to it and really like it. I feel more lively when listening to this song.

The MV was awesome! It helps to make me love this song more, love the blue-black outfit the other outfit need to be pack away. Sulli is the main in the MV and as usual she is so cute!  Even with the hats she is still super cute. I love the big close up, the girls are beautiful and it’s great that Amber has cut her hair revealing her pretty face. Seriously cannot wait for their tonight’s live performance.

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[MV] f(x) – Chocolate Love

These girls are totally rocking it ever since they debuted. Modeling for LG’s product with their senior SNSD, the MV of “Chocolate Love” is released. The first time I heard this song I liked it already as it’s a different style from “LA chA TA”, sexy and edgy. Not because I love f(x) more than SNSD, but f(x)’s version of “Chocolate Love” wins my vote I guess Amber’s rapping really helped me to love their version more.

I guess in this whole MV I can’t leave my eyes off Amber (since she is my favorite member) but because she looks so feminine and yet powerful in the MV. I love her rapping part and the little dance solo part in front of the mirror.

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[MV] f(x) – La Chata

Recently I’ve been really liking this song “La Chata”, it’s quite catchy especially the “La Cha Ta” part. I must admit the first time I saw the preview I was attracted by Amber the tomboy-ish look because recently I’ve also started liking a Taiwanese singer who also has a tomboy-ish look. But honestly I really like this song, even though some people might think it’s too mellow for a debut song.

Although I don’t think the MV was that surprising nor it has showed each of the member’s personality/style so I’m looking forward to their debut live performance. Hope it shows more of their individual charm.

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