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[manga] Hourou Musuko

I usually don’t read a lot of manga because it’s tiring to read it on computer but recently I’ve been reading Hourou Musuko. After reading the description for this anime which will be airing in year 2011, I started reading the manga.

There aren’t many manga or animes that deals with gender, the only one I’ve read which is about genders too is After School Nightmare. That one is leaning more on the dark side while Hourou Musuko is more slice of life. Like it’s something that real and happens in real life.

The manga is still ongoing and currently only translated up to chapter 90 but I’m already anticipated what might the ending be. But it’s weird since Nitori wants to be a girl but he likes girls, then what happens when he really became a girl? Turn into a lesbian. And then Takatsuki wants to be a boy but so far the manga did not pair her up with anyone but she likes Nitori before. Idk, I just find Hourou Musuko interesting since I personally dislike too dramatic things. I just thought Chiba and Takatsuki would make a good couple.

Totally can’t wait for the anime to be release.



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