SHINee’s comeback who isn’t excited about it? I’ve only seen this MV once and heard of the song twice. When I first listen to it I was like “EH?” about it but second time I listen I started to like a bit more. I guess SHINee is going to bring the techno robotic genre in kpop with this comeback.

The whole setting of the MV isn’t anything special, the most eye catching is their hairstyle and clothing. Out of the members I only liked Taemin and Minho hairstyle, most dislike is probably Key sorry not loving the shaves. Onew have became prettier I guess it’s the makeup and I’m loving his eyeliner. Taemin hair is long I wondered if it’s extension as I remembered in other shows it wasn’t that long but it suits his pretty face. Taemin is becoming prettier! Jonghyun’s muscles wow me the most, I’m totally digging his body and glad that SME gave him those revealing clothes to show off his nicely toned body.

Anyways, what more can I say other than I love it! I can’t wait until they perform live, I bet it’s going to be crazy.


Gotten lazy to update here. But I got to introduce this great Chinese album. This is Zhang Yun Jing, Super Idol season 1 winner, second album. This album heads towards the England rock genre, soft pop rock songs which tells stories and great to listen when you’re alone. The hit song “The Opposite Me” the music is composed by Zhang Yun Jing herself but unfortunately the lyrics has been rejected 10 times and at the end it was not used.

After her first album Unprecedented, I have truly became a fan of her and was highly anticipated of her second album. Now that it is released and I have heard of the whole album more than ten times I can say that this girl didn’t disappoint me at all.

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As I mention before NU ABO means New Blood, meaning they are bring a new blood stream to the Kpop and they really did! From fashion to music it was shown that they are different from the girl bands these days, unlike the cute and sexy look they are fierce and has this badass look.

I just love this song more and more after seeing the MV and live performance.

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Finally watched the last episode of SHINee Hello Baby today. After spending 100 days together the boys eventually parted with the cutie Yoogeun. I’m sure Yoogeun didn’t know about them parting until their parents told him and he sure looked really upset where he leaned his head on his father’s shoulder with watery eyes.

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These girls finally have released their first mini album, I’m sure lots of fans were anticipated about because I am! I’ve been following f(x) ever since their debut song LA chA TA and their music is really the type that I like. These girls are back with a new concept, more edgy and epic (if you have seen their comeback photos or the MV teaser you should know). Their promoting song NU ABO actually mean New Blood where ABO is all the blood type, it’s a weird name but it actually makes sense when it’s explained.

Overall I really love this mini album.

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What actually caught my attention in this drama at first was Jae Joong, not that I’m a fan of DBSK nor Jae Joong but since it’s his first drama I guess I’ll take a look at it and the drama itself seem promising as it also starring Eita and Ueno, the two from Last Friends.

This drama revolves around 5 youngsters who met through Twitter and became real friends. I like how they adapted to the new trend in this drama as Twitter is becoming a popular thing in Japan (I don’t think the Japanese uses Facebook). The 5 meet and somehow all of them are lying to one another and being dishonest. Such as Nakaji who is a photographer for a adult gravure magazines and does assistant jobs. Doctor takes on the persona of a doctor on Twitter, when he is actually working at a company that sells medical equipment to disinterested doctors.

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Hooray! I’m back into watching Jdrama, last season I only manage to finish two dramas out so many that I downloaded. Tumbling, the only reason why I would watch this at first is because of the pretty guys but my main focus is Nissy.

Well the first episode didn’t turn out to be that bad, in fact it was quite good. There was a part I teared where Yuta confessed how much he loved rhythmic sports gymnastics to Azuma.

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