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Everything I thought of this blog I always want to come and continue posting. Just looking all those old posts and effort I’ve spent in writing I just can’t completely abandon this blog.

So here I am again posting.

While I was enjoying myself Tumblring and totally forgot about WordPress I watch a few Japanese/Korean movies/dramas that I will post later. I’ll start posting again from Wednesday onwards when I’m on my 1 week uni break.


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Revive and Survive ♥

I guess I left this blog alone for too long and I didn’t even login all these time. I don’t think anyone comes here anymore. But since I’m on my big Christmas break I’ll be reviving this blog again so I can kill some time off.

I’ll blog random stuff of what I’ve seen or heard recently.

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Kind of missed a lot of news about Lee Jun Ki as I haven’t been checking him out after “Iljimae”. But gosh! He’s heading towards as a singer now, as before his digital single was complimented by a lot of people. But during that time he said he wants to focus only on acting. Don’t know why he’s changing his mind now and decide to become a singer but it’s great that he’s showing more of his talent.

In 2006 he held his first fanmeeting concert now during April he’s opening Episode 2 of the fanmeeting concert. I just was the preview, Jun Ki looks really hot. I love the whole mask thing and I hope I could find this online because I want to see more of his dancing.

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I guess the title says everything, this post is nothing special but I just want to post this photo up. Haven’t been obsessed with w-inds. like I used to do now (too many new cute idols are debuting these days). Also ever since Keita’s style went off to something I can’t take it anymore like the whole long hair and beard things so I haven’t been liking the photos they’ve taken lately.

But yeah I was browsing through a Chinese site and found this photo of Keita, it should be around the time of Seventh Ave album. I just wanna say it’s the best looking photo that I’ve seen over these weeks. His hair isn’t that bad, looks pretty good and the pose is really nice. The great thing is he doesn’t have the beard, its rather we didn’t see it because of the angle or he shaved it off but whatever it is I just don’t wanna see it.

If Keita went back to his old style or something I like I’m definitely loving him back a lot more. But I do know he cut his hair since I saw the new caps of w-inds.M and he shaved at last!
Now lets hope he have a nice looking style for the concert DVD.

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