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SHINee’s comeback who isn’t excited about it? I’ve only seen this MV once and heard of the song twice. When I first listen to it I was like “EH?” about it but second time I listen I started to like a bit more. I guess SHINee is going to bring the techno robotic genre in kpop with this comeback.

The whole setting of the MV isn’t anything special, the most eye catching is their hairstyle and clothing. Out of the members I only liked Taemin and Minho hairstyle, most dislike is probably Key sorry not loving the shaves. Onew have became prettier I guess it’s the makeup and I’m loving his eyeliner. Taemin hair is long I wondered if it’s extension as I remembered in other shows it wasn’t that long but it suits his pretty face. Taemin is becoming prettier! Jonghyun’s muscles wow me the most, I’m totally digging his body and glad that SME gave him those revealing clothes to show off his nicely toned body.

Anyways, what more can I say other than I love it! I can’t wait until they perform live, I bet it’s going to be crazy.


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Gotten lazy to update here. But I got to introduce this great Chinese album. This is Zhang Yun Jing, Super Idol season 1 winner, second album. This album heads towards the England rock genre, soft pop rock songs which tells stories and great to listen when you’re alone. The hit song “The Opposite Me” the music is composed by Zhang Yun Jing herself but unfortunately the lyrics has been rejected 10 times and at the end it was not used.

After her first album Unprecedented, I have truly became a fan of her and was highly anticipated of her second album. Now that it is released and I have heard of the whole album more than ten times I can say that this girl didn’t disappoint me at all.


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